Nigel Kenny - A Profile

The salon team is headed by owner Nigel Kenny, who is accomplished in colour chemistry and practical and advanced application techniques, whilst maintaining a real world wearability with his work.

Nigel's most outstanding achievements are in colour and creating bespoke education seminars. He has been involved the education game for over 14 years with some of the worlds biggest brands. Over the most recent years he has been the face for award winning brand Moroccanoil® for Ireland, which brought him to grace some of the biggest hair and fashion stages in the UK.

Ireland's first ever artistic educator

At present Nigel has taking another step forward in becoming Ireland's very first ever artistic educator for L'oreal super brand "Matrix", where he wrote and directed a very powerful and successful business seminar called "The power of the now". Nigel is about to launch his newest seminar, "The art of Colouring your Business", where he will travel all over the UK and Ireland to deliver these highly pulsating seminars. He also launched Matrix's newest most innovative competition "House of Talent" at the British fellowship of Hair Dressing stage at Salon International London last October, which is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring hair professionals to climb the ladder of glory.

Travel the World

In his role with Matrix he gets to travel the world on a regular basis spreading the importance of education,which in his words generates power in your profession. Nigel also has his own brand of education, "Nigel Kenny Symbolic Education", which we will provide information on this very website. On his travels has encountered some real a-listers such as Ronan keating, Gloria hunniford, Lisa cannon, Nicky and Georgina Byrne to name a few.

As amazing as it is to see and work with the best in the world, Nigel's real love is working on the salon floor where his clients can watch a master at work and his team can flourish week in week out. With much achieved and more goals remaining, Nigel enjoys his demanding schedule, but chooses to strive, not survive, year in year out. In his own words;

Opportunities look a lot like hard work, you need to take a sexy approach to your work, which boils down to been smart, generous and thoughtful. Build your career around this approach, and the opportunities will come...



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Customer Comments

I went to Hair by Nigel a few weeks back to get a completely new style. I went from very long hair to very short hair and I absolutely love it. I would recommend Hair by Nigel to anyone looking for that big change. Lovely people...

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