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The Power of "The Now"

In a world of high achievers, at some point in our own lives we all have made a half choice, we want a slice of success. It enters our heads, someday I will be successful. In a seven day weekday someday doesn't exist, our industry is a game of inches, and we need expansion every day. Each day we should make a chioce to expand again and again and again. This is where "the now" becomes the only time that matters.

We know your great hair professionals, but in our industry it takes more than just that to make a statement. In this seminar we will try to re-activate dormant qualities, that we sometimes loose on our journey to the top. Let your salon guests fall in love with you, before they fall in love with your craft.

By developing your confidence, been aware of your body language, increasing your retail skills, and learning why we do what we do, as somewhere, sometimes on our journey we lose sight of our goals. If we are doing this gig to get rich, chances are it's not likely to happen, but if we do it for the love of the trade and people, wealth comes in many ways, and that's not just financial gain.

This day is geared towards individuals or groups at any level of hairdressing that need a little shove in the direction of their choice. Whether you're an aspiring young up and coming star, or an established monarch of the industry, this simple but effective approach to finding your mojo may be just what you need...

the most unprofitable item is an excuse, and remember if opportunity knocks, build a door.

Course Suitability

  • 4+ years experience
  • Work as a stylist daily
  • Have confidence, inspiration or more knowledge required
  • Works specifically in this area


  • Theory sharing

Duration: One day. 9.45am - 4pm

Please contact the salon for course dates

VIDEO: The Power of "the now"


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